Andrew Wapinski’s Studio @ Globe Dye Works. aka my studio neighbor... photo by: Mathew Duffy

Andrew Wapinski’s Studio @ Globe Dye Works. aka my studio neighbor... photo by: Mathew Duffy

Brett Thomas

Brett Thomas has been creating pictures professionally for over 19 years. Brett opened his first studio in his loft apartment in the Summer of 1999. Quickly, overloading his loft space and girlfriend with props, equipment and, of course, the occasional client with a photo-shoot. At the end of 2003, Brett made the transition to a full time studio in Old City, Philadelphia. Shortly after renovations, Old City Studio was formed around July of 2004. OCS,over the years, became a pathway as a studio-share for and by many talented people along the way. Forever funneling creatives, OCS has had an abundance of industry professionals that brought knowledge and skill sets through the doors for a plethora of diversity on many productions and projects. Our ten year lease went by in a blink of an eye…

In November 2013, after a couple months of hard work in between assignments. Brett Thomas Photography moved Old City Studios out of Old City, Philadelphia and into the new and improved photo studios at The Globe Dye Works Building. Less than five miles North of Center City, Globe Dye Works Artists Community and Building is located at 4500 - 4520 Worth Street, Philadelphia, PA ,19124. Brett Thomas Photography spaces are on the 3rd floor, Units #302 & 306.

BTPHOTOS has two shooting and work spaces available at the Globe Dye Building. Unit 306 is a full state of the art blackout shooting space and prop room. Unit 302 is an entire open floor plan corner white box studio with all natural light windows that face South and Southwest exposure.

We have a "free" Globe parking lot on the premises located across from our building on the corner of Worth and Kinsey streets. For those clients who need a shuttle ride from Center City or if you are taking the L-train to the Frankford Transportation Center, which is the last stop, just let us know and we'll Uber you and/or pick you up.

Our newly improved studio spaces have more staging areas and more versatility to offer, keeping our productions at a higher level and at a more productive pace with endless options creating the most optimal pre and post production services we can offer.

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting your next photo production needs.

Brief Bio....

A Kokomo, Indiana native, Brett Thomas, began to pursue his passion of photography at the Art Institute of Philadelphia in the early 90's. In May of 1996, after graduating with Best Portfolio Honors, Brett and three ambitious photo friends opened Rogue's Gallery in Old City, Philadelphia. Rogue’s Gallery remained operational for 3+ years curating shows and selling exclusive fine art photography, short films and mixed media sculpture. Favorite feature artists included Pew Award Winning Photographers Tim Rice and Bob Asman, just to name a few.

1999 - 2000, Brett Thomas Photography was born. Early work focused on Performing Arts Photography for Walnut Street Theater and The Pennsylvania Ballet Company. Developing portfolios on both stages as well as starting his still-life career. Brett was always shooting personal work to fulfill his creativity, building the next portfolio piece or artwork to print.

From 2004 - 2013, Brett Thomas Photography found a permanent home in Old City, Philadelphia forming Old City Studios and becoming a group share to many creatives along the way. Both Brett and his clients appreciated the studio for it's convenient Center City location, working photo-kitchen, and beautiful floor to ceiling windows for picturesque natural lighting.

At the end of 2013, Brett Thomas Photography had the opportunity to expand and move his studio out of Old City and into the spacious Globe Dye Works Building in the Northeast industrial section of Philadelphia. Brett has two remodeled shooting spaces at Globe. Studio A's space is a open floor plan setup and is geared for more of a natural light application. The second space, Studio B is a longer shooting space with more controlled lighting capabilities, also with a blackout option for flash and continuous lighting scenarios. Studio B also has a wall of glass blocks for a single directional natural light option, as well. Studio B also is equipped with an extensive prop room from table-top props, flatware and stemware, to optional backgrounds and fabrics, to reclaimed wood surfaces, antiques, and many rustic elements collected over the years.

Over his 19+ year career, Brett's body of work has encompassed a wide range of genres. Clients come to Brett for his attention to detail, his ability to realize artistic direction, and his skillful use of lighting and design behind the camera.

Brett continues to specialize in high resolution product, stock, food, spirits, travel, architecture, dance, movement and portrait photography used for commercial, advertising, e-commerce, web, print and editorial applications. Current clients include local businesses, regional magazines and publishers, as well as, advertising agencies and freelance designers with national cliental.  Brett also enjoys teaching, technical workshops, testimonials and directing from both a lighting and also a photography perspective. As technology continues to improve, so does the imagery we capture. *Preferred equipment used: Apple Computer Systems, Adobe Creative Suite, Capture One Pro, Leaf America Digital Software Systems, C-Most Technologies. Canon Cameras and Lenses, Nikon Film Cameras and Lenses, Mamiya AFD 645, RZ67, Sinar Bron 4x5, Dyna-lite Strobes Systems, Arri HMI's, Chimera Softboxes USA, Matthews and Bogen Grip Equipment, Pelican Waterproof Cases, Canon Professional Service Member since 2004.

My personal life philosophies as they pertain to my photography career and the roads I’ve traveled are thus: To continue to cultivate creativity within my personal work and in collaboration with others, Continue to improve my skills as a creative visualist, a photographer,and most importantly as a husband to my amazing wife and a father to my incredible children, my #1 support group. I could never have mastered a better plan without those three puzzle pieces. I love you all so so so much!

A quote from my son: “I love you and mommy so much, it’s like traveling to the moon and back a gazillion times, times one million, times one thousand, times one million again, then times that number by another gazillion, that’s how much!”…. =)

"I remind myself how short life really is about once a week, how precious it can be and how amazing it is everyday with my family. We must appreciate what we have, and what life has to offer us through our endeavors to achieve the dreams, pursuits, purposes and goals to the best of our own abilities. Live it wise, yet as frugal as you can make it and may you try you’re very best to live it as you see best for your family, friends and loved ones around you."

…and in a blink of an eye, 43 summers later, it’s half-time, you survived with minimal damage to your exterior, you have a little more grey hair than the average mid-lifer and your kids want to grow up way too fast right before your eyes on a daily basis.

Capture and record as many moments to remember as you can throughout your life. One day you’ll be able to revisit and reminisce each and every one of those beautiful memories and be grateful for how incredible life really has been and continues to be.”

Live, Love, Laugh.

Proud father, husband and 2x Cancer Survivor.